8. Trends & opportunities

At ComVerse, we always need to innovate forward to stay ahead of the competition and produce additional value for our loyal community. Identifying trends and opportunities is the first step to looking in the right place and eventually implementing them as part of ComVerse.

8.1. Dynamic NFTs (DNFTs)

Gone are the days of dumb NFTs. In the real world, attributes, and values are ever-changing based on ever-evolving external conditions, so why should NFTs not also reflect this?
Through the power of smart contracts, dNFTs can happen in a safe and dynamically intelligent way by gathering and factoring external events and data which will influence and update its metadata.

8.2. AI-generated NFT collections

There is currently disruption happening in the NFT space in the form of AI-generated NFT art. AI- generated NFT art are largely indistinguishable from those created and designed by human, begging the very valid question of, why go through human design effort when AI can equal or better these efforts, arguably requiring a lot less capital?

8.3. AI-powered intelligent tokens (iNFTs)

Traditional NFTs are non-fungible, immutable, and now iNFTs bring the intelligence, scalability, and interactivity into NFTs. iNFTs differ in their infrastructure to support additional capabilities realized by artificial intelligence.
In technical terms, an iNFT embeds the GPT-3 prompt as part of an immutable smart contract, making it intelligent and adaptable based on certain conditions that are only limited by the capabilities of artificial intelligence at the time.

8.4. Real-world tokenization opportunities

Currently in the MultiversX ecosystem, projects taking advantage of real-world tokenisation are few and far between. Real-world tokenization has some challenging hurdles such as regulation, however, can be immensely rewarding as it is the pinnacle of demonstrating real-world utility in the NFT and greater Web3 space.
A good example is uPark, which is set out to build a marketplace of tokenised car parking spots around the world with the ability to advertise and facilitate micro marketplace transactions within the tokenised spot which is fully on-chain managed.