6.2. $EGLD rebate revision (Q1 2023)

The revised $EGLD rebate financial strategy and mechanisms have been reviewed and designed to self-sustain for the long term. This will be announced sometime after the Q4 2022 snapshot and pay-out have been actioned.
The timeframe for this announcement to be articulated formally to the community will be sometime in February 2023 to give as much time as possible for the changes to come into effect.

2D Combey, 3D Combien & Pixel Combot

As part of the sustainability efforts of the $EGLD rebate in the long-term, this additional rebate condition will be announced during Q1, 2023, and enforced for the next mid-year rebate payout (mid-2023).
This will be merged into the same announcement within roadmap section 6.2.
More details on the exact checks conducted can be found in section 4.2.