4.2. 6-monthly $EGLD rebates

We need to have a point of difference in our collection to stand out from other collections, and the $EGLD rebate is a unique proposition. We also need to find sustainable funding long term, so the strategic approach will be as follows.
The first step, cap the max $EGLD rebate to alleviate distressed bear-market times to ensure that ComVerse can continue to meet our commitments for the $EGLD rebate even through bear markets. The $EGLD rebates will be capped at the below quantities (whichever is lesser than USD / $EGLD):
  • Royal - $150 USD / 1.5 $EGLD per 6 months
  • Prime - $300 USD / 3 $EGLD per 6 months
  • Alpha - $500 USD / 4.5 $EGLD per 6 months
The second step implements the below funding strategy. The Combased treasury burden has been reduced accordingly, as this is a necessary step to become a self-sustaining collection whilst reducing dependency on the company treasury. For the sake of community commitment, there will still be a contribution from the treasury, albeit only a small percentage. This will show the dedication of Combased to the community.
The financial strategy to back the 6-monthly rebate with sustainability in mind is priority based, so it will be a top-down approach. For example, if 30% of royalties already covers all the applicable rebate amounts, then we do not need to go down further from the list.
  1. 1.
    30% of Royalties to go towards the $EGLD Rebate benefit
  2. 2.
    Combased Club Auctions - 100% of proceedings to go towards the $EGLD rebate benefit (until we exhaust club NFTs and resources)
  3. 3.
    A maximum of 10% of the total value of the $EGLD Rebate benefit can be assisted by Combased
    Treasury if required (For example, if the total $EGLD rebate for this half of the year is 50 $EGLD, Combased Treasury contributes a maximum of 5 $EGLD, or less if less is required to fulfill the rebate wholly)
  4. 4.
    Shortfall to be covered by CDO Wallet - if we exhaust 1,2,3 and still are short on the total rebate (for example if the total rebate is 50 $EGLD; the rebate is covered by 10 $EGLD from royalties, 20 $EGLD from auctions, 5 $EGLD from Combased Treasury, 15 $EGLD from CDO Wallet)
The CMGNC royalty distribution will be updated to distribute as follows:
  • 30% reserved for the $EGLD rebate
  • 30% reserved for CDO
  • 15% for Internal Team Members
  • Remainder for Combased Treasury
This approach illustrates sustainability, as well as the commitment to the community in the long term, both of which are fundamentally important.