2. Structure of ecosystem

Structure of ecosystem within Combased & ComVerse

2.1. Combased MultiversX Genesis NFT Collection (CMGNC)

The CMGNC presents an opportunity for investors wanting to be part of the journey of Combased to get in early on a 3-stage collection process with varying and evolutional art forms. Each of the 3 different sub-collection of the overall Genesis Collection presents a different evolution step of Combased as a company.


(Combased + monkeys)
Supply: 1555 NFTs
Launched in January 2022
Pixel Art Status: Sold-Out - 28th June 2022


(Combased + robots)
Supply: 999 NFTs
Launched in August 2022
2D Art Status: Sold-Out - 5th December 2022


(Combased + aliens)
Supply: 666 NFTs
To be launched in Q1 2023
3D Art Status: Unreleased
Over time, the CMGNC will become prestigious, and once sold out, there will be no further "genesis" mints. Further mints will be from product-based NFT collections (as per section 2.3) and later into the future the themed collections (as per section 4.9). The CMGNC is designed to be long-term sustainable and beneficial to its holders in tandem with the growth of the Combased business and receive revenue shares and benefits through the CDO wallet, which will in turn increase yield and passive income for every single holder.

2.2. Combased product-based NFT collections

The Product-Based NFT Collections are collections that Combased will launch which will be themed around products or solutions that we are involved in or are building. These collections will have unique art but more importantly, will allocate its holders future profit-share for when the product becomes functional and is generating revenue.
In simple terms, minters of these product-based collections are early community supporters of the product and will in the long-term reap asymmetric passive income rewards when the product/solution gains adoption and is at a self-sustaining stage.

2.3. Combased Club Wallet

This is the cryptocurrency wallet of Combased Club. This wallet is used to distribute pay-outs to Combased Club members as per the pay-out schedules, as well as action community-oriented endeavors such as Combased NFT auctions or the staking of specific token acquisitions such as $LKUPARK. Information on the uPark project can be found here.
The Combased Club wallet is strictly governed by the rules around how the Combased Club operates, and further information can be found under the Combased Club (section 4.4).

2.4. CMGNC CDO Wallet

The CDO wallet for the CMGNC is an important piece of the community-centric ComVerse ecosystem. The Genesis Collection will be the only collection in the foreseeable future which will have a CDO wallet and yields that are driven by the funds inside it.
The inner workings of the CMGNC CDO Wallet are complex, as changing market conditions mean that the financial strategy needs to change and adapt to mitigate risk but at the same time maximize yield. More information can be found in sections 4.3 and section 4.5.