Welcome to ComVerse

Combased & ComVerse connection

Combased is a full-service Web3 agency specializing in providing professional technical and development resources to multi-chain projects and clients with a special focus on the MultiversX ecosystem. With the inception of Combased to the MultiversX ecosystem, ComVerse was born.

ComVerse definition

ComVerse is the community-first function of the Combased business. It houses all the collective community efforts and NFT collections that are released by Combased.

Mission & purpose

The mission and purpose of ComVerse are to ensure the community-first ethos is always validated, actioned, and preserved. Many businesses lose sight of the community vision early on in their growth cycle, and Combased wants to actively counter this in the long term by creating the ComVerse umbrella to unite all the community-first efforts within Combased.
The primary challenge of ComVerse is to provide value to the community whilst being sustainable in the long term and in a perpetual manner.
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